Landlord GO
Real world game


LANDLORD GO! First-in-class business simulator game using real-life properties from around the globe! The game gives you the feel of real estate management.


Ever dreamt of being a Real Estate Tycoon? Managing a wide portfolio of exclusive properties? Now is your chance! Buy the Eiffel Tower, Empire State Building or even any property in your own neighbourhood. Trade and fight for the best venues on the Global property Marketplace.

Become known for your great business skills or for the most unique property collection. The real estate market has never been so much fun and so accessible. Learn the tricks of the trade and compete with your friends and family to get a hold of the best venues in the area. Earn rent from each of your properties and build your empire value every day!

Buy real properties


There are many different property types in Landlord GO! Streets, tennis courts, coffee shops or pizza restaurants (and MANY more) these types can be grouped into ‘Collections’.

Then you collect more properties from the same ‘Collection’ , you will receive bonuses. The bigger you grow your collection, the more money you make!

Level up buildings


Levelling up buildings is like updating your home with the latest and greatest finishings. The higher the level of your building, the more money you earn. So don’t forget to get those levels up!


The in-game map is based on maps of the real world, so you are able to see all the properties that are in your area.. A 3D view allows you to move around and look through the area using a very unique look at the world.

The map is interactive, so click around and figure out the best properties to add to your empire.

3D map


Trade your properties with other players from foreign countries. Build a beautiful collection of properties from all over the world. Sell and buy to get to the top of the leaderboard. Catch the best sales to get the most unique venues.

Global marketplace